The evaluation process will be based on 5 criteria:

25 points - Reflection of symbolism in “Book of Lamentations” and its embodiment in sculptural solutions
25 points - Reflection of the best traditions of Armenian sculpture
20 points - Reflection of medieval Armenia in sculptural solutions
20 points - Harmonious integration of the sculpture in the adjacent territory of St. Anna church
10 points - Preference of individual jury members





Father Mesrop Aramyan

A priest of the Armenian Apostolic Church, theologian, scholar, writer, film producer, social entrepreneur and educator. He is a co-founder of FAST foundation, director of the National Program for Educational Excellence, co-founder of the Ayb Educational Foundation, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb School, a member of the AUAC Board of Trustees, a member of the Board of Trustees of Monte Melkonian Military School, the founder and director of Gandzasar Theological Center and Vem Media Arts, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Vem Radio.

He has authored publications, articles, research studies, radio and TV shows, as well as educational projects and programs.

Tigran Hamasyan

Armenian pianist, composer. Won the top prize in Thelonious Monk Jazz Piano Competition, Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Contemporary Music, Echo Award (the German Grammy) for best international piano album of the year, Paul Acket Award at the North Sea Jazz Festival, etc. His project Luys i Luso (“Light From Light”) was represented in 50 concerts across Europe and the U.S. He got signed by giants such as Universal Jazz in France, Nonesuch and others. His music is uniquely outstanding through its indie rock energy and electro-acoustic jazz improvisations steeped in Armenian folkloric music influences. 

Among the well-known works are The Poet, Double-Faced, Mockroot, Red Hail, Lilac, Kars, Drip, Leaving Paris and others.

Vigen Avetis

Armenian sculptor, member of the Union of 40 Florentines, member of the Donatello Union of Artists in Florence, Armenian art Ambassador of Italy, representative of Minas Avetisyan fund. He has taught at the Florence Art Academy, Palazzo Spinelli Institute for Art and Restoration. He is an associate professor. He has organized international symposiums of sculpture in Shushi. He was awarded the 1st prize of the competition for the central fountain project in Novara, Italy.

Among the well-known works are "Motherhood" in Turin, "Meeting and Birth", "Emotion", "Pedestal of the Holy Book", in Florence, Tsovinar with Sanasar and Baghdasar fountain-monument in Yerevan, "Sister Carmelina of Charity" in Toronto, "Armenian Mother" and others.

Raffi Tokatlian

Armenian sculptor, awarded with the Medal of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, Movses Khorenatsi Medal. He has founded a company of more than twenty artists for mural painting and trompe l’oeil arts. He has created more than 60 sculptures in his studio in Beirut. He opened his own gallery “Knowledge of Arts” in Beirut as a permanent exhibition of his works. His sculpture “Liberation of the Spirit”, a symbol of the marathon, was selected to be exposed at the Marathon Museum in Athens, Greece. He has described his style as “Surrealmythoclassical”, indicating the personal amalgam formed by all of his influences.

He had many exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Venice, Zurich and elsewhere.

Ara Atayan
Art historian

Armenian art historian, educator. He teaches science and art at Aregnazan Educational Complex, also teaches art history at YSU. Co-founding member of "Association for Alternative Public Education Supporters", member of "Education of the new generation" debating platform. He has had various lectures, seminars, debates on different branches of art, values, education, etc.

He is an author of many studies regarding the development of education sector, which are mainly about educating a free person, who will be responsible for his/her later actions, and will build a courteous society.

Artak Ghulyan

Armenian architect, doctor of architecture, associate professor, distinguished architect of the RA, laureate of RA State Prize, professor of the International Academy of Architecture. He was awarded the first prize in the competition for the design of the Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator, "State Prize of the RA" in the field of urban development and architecture. He has many articles and publications. His project was selected in the closed art competition dedicated to the sanctified martyrs of the Armenian Genocide.

Among the well-known works are Armenian Monastery Complex of Moscow, Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Manuscript Library, Saint Karapet Church in Jordan, many other churches in Armenia and in RF.

Ashot Snkhchyan

Armenian architect, interior designer, co-founder of snkh architectural and interior design studio. Among the well-known projects of snkh are BigBek's office, Workfront's office, digitain's office, Zangak bookstore, Od blow dry bar, gouroo restaurant, soho cafe, nerka design pavilion, tunnel gallery, armbookexpo'15, turning heads, AGBU vk building, iceberg in RA. The organization is currently one of the youngest and brightest architectural studios in Yerevan.

He has also designed numerous houses, pavilions, had private orders and other buildings. 

Aram Petrosyan
Narekatsiologist, Composer

Armenian composer, poet, narekatsiologist, medieval Armenian spiritual and folkloric music specialist. He is the author of oratorios, symphonic, choral, chamber works. He was awarded the Grand Prize at the Vienna International Composer Competition, received the scholarship of the cultural section of the Doyche Bank for composer-residence in Edenkoben Herrenhaus, was a finalist at the Alexander Zemlinsky Symphonic Music International Competition and etc.

Among the well-known works are "Rural Imagery", "Narek" symphony-cantata, "Praise the Lord" and others.