Questions are going to get generalized answers. We are trying to be very responsive to these questions.


What materials can I use for the creation of the sculpture?

The author is free in selection of material.

Can the work I am going to present have been used in the past?

No, the presented works cannot have been used anywhere else in the past. They have to be created exclusively for this competition.

Can I present my work on other platforms in parallel to this competition?

The presented works must only be used within the scope of this competition. Copyright of the work presented at the contest is transferred to the organizer, preserving name of the author.

Does winning the competition mean that my work will be implemented?

Winning the competition only ensures that you will be given the first prize (see Awards). As for the work errection, all the works presented in the competition will be considered, including the winning work.

How to apply?

1. Click on the Apply button
2. You will get 3 sections: Log in, Register, Reset your password. If you are not registered yet, click on register, write your e-mail address and username (will be used to log in, not necessarily your name). If you are registered, just log in.
3. After registration you will get an e-mail with a link that you can use only once to log in. Click on this link or copy-paste it on your browser to log in. 
4. When your logged in for the first time, you should set your password, so that you can log in with it every time you want to come back.
5. Now, you have a username and a password for all-time use. You can start filling in your application by clicking on the same Apply button.
6. The application form has 3 sections: Personal information, Experience and Proposal. Every section has questions with * and questions without *. You cannot go to the next page and/or submit your application without filling in those questions. Each question asking to upload something has allowed formats and upload limit. 
Make sure you follow these steps to successfully submit your application.


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