• The competition’s whole procedures, including jury assessment of the submitted work, will be online. 
  • The competition has one stage.
  • All participants need to register within the set timeframe to be granted the right to participate in the competition. (See Schedule)
  • All participants need to fill in the application form within the set timeframe. Late submissions will not be considered. (See Schedule)
  • Participants must present their works in compliance with the requirements set by the organization. (See Task)
  • Members of the jury have no right to take part in the contest․
  • Organizers of the contest, hired workers or members of the jury have no right to assist the participants in any way (except with regards to organizational issues).
  • After the deadline set for the uploading of works, the jury (See Jury) will start the evaluation process (See Evaluation), after which the results will automatically be summed up and represented as a list. Prizes (See Awards) will be awarded to a total number of 3 participants with the highest scores.
  • If the competition winner rejected the work order, or no agreement was reached with the winner, the works of 2nd, then 3rd place winners will be considered for implementation respectively. 
  • If the organization does not like any of the presented works or if the submitted works fail to be awarded necessary scores by the jury, the organization retains the right to order the sculpture to some other organization or a physical person.


The working languages of the competition are Armenian, English and Russian.


The participants' full confidentiality will be ensured in all stages of the competition. For this, when registering, each participant of the competition will be matched to an automatically generated code. The jury will only see the codes, so the participant's work will be kept anonymous. After the competition is completed, the participants’ codes will be revealed and the results of the competition will be announced.


Copyright of the work presented at the contest is transferred to the organizer, preserving name of the author.